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25 Canada Square, London E14 5LQ
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Energy and Utilities
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Project Manager | Linkebeek | 14 okt. 2020
Not easy to advance if you are not local , or you are women over 40
If you have a disagreement with your manager direct there is no chance to change a team, you'll be put out there is no possibility of training if it is not directly appoint by the manager. Personal development whishes are very badly regarded The advantage are OK although they benefit the company more than anyone else.
Pluspuntencompany car
Minpuntenno work-life balance and evaluation that does not mean anything
Electrical Engineer | België | 5 apr. 2015
One of the best group i worked with
Extremely knowledgeable working managers and very friendly work environment. Ease to resources and growth oriented organization. Working environment is also good.
Help Desk Analyst | Houston, TX | 12 mrt. 2019
Steer Clear!
I want to rate this company as a good one, because the people there trying to make a difference are amazing. If you can become a full time employee good luck, there are people who have been sold this lie for the past 5 years. Unfortunately, the upper head of IT has no clue what she is doing and is failing as a leader, she will flip her decisions from week to week on what is our goals, and other projects fall to the wayside. The help desk is basically the dumping ground for all issues, all technicians do the same functions of multiple departments; a level one technician not only answers phones and does the basic routing and ticketing, but will also be required to do equipment deployment, purchasing for all IT equipment, account admin work, some networking, all functions of a mail room, video conferencing, all mergers and acquisitions or new companies, etc. IT is never steady state and is constantly on their feet about what other workload will they dump on the helpdesk. There is no actual helpdesk manager and the helpdesk supervisor is primarily a cloud services technician who actively avoids being the supervisor. This would all be fine with a decent staff level, but as it stands there are 8 Technicians servicing 5000+ users. There is no knowledge base, except information that is emailed to you. I have been here for awhile and on average one technician every two months leaves. I have never seen a turnover rate this high with such a small desk. Steer Clear! Do
PluspuntenGreat people to work with
MinpuntenNo movement in company, no benefits
Customer Service Representative | Ontario | 15 mei 2019
The culture is awesome, the mission fulfilling. The job was not difficult. If you know someone, and hope to advance, you are "in like Flynn". Within six months of beginning employment, I beheld people go from data entry to team lead. Flip side of that coin? If you don't know "someone", please don't hold your breath. Yes, promotion appears almost wholly based initially on favoritism. Benefits are waning severely, especially the past three years. Quarterly questionnaires go out to employees, asking what needs to be changed and improved. Management made it clear no matter how much employees want or need, pay increases WILL NOT be a consideration (UNLESS YOU KNOW SOMEONE).So they give verbal pats on the back, and have management learning names and saying hello, in place of increased wages..This alone helped me go elsewhere, as, despite my Engie work experience, and previous MANY years experience in customer service field, it took me more than seven years to make, at Engie, what my previous employer was paying me when I was laid off due to economy. Entry level pay, though, I don't think can be beat in the Spokane area. Past the initial year, poor, poor less than the cost of living in most cases, pay increases (again, unless of course you are in the "in" crowd). Start here, don't stay here...unless YOU KNOW SOMEONE :)
Pluspuntenfree coffee
Minpuntenpoor chance for advancement; very little chance for supportive wage
Direct Sales Representative | Houston, TX | 8 mei 2018
Fast paced
Development of sales and proposal presentations, coordinating contract negotiations customer account management with mid-size and large commercial and industrial retail customers both direct and indirect Responsible for maintaining relationships between GDF Suez and assigned third party Channel partners Generation of business to meet and exceed a quota, along with post deal support to maintain a customer base Managed the internal sales deal flow process with multiple internal and external groups Monitored market changes and updates, specifically for the PJM Mid-Atlantic & Mid-West regions, to provide the most value and knowledge to customers and assigned third party channels Highly successful in meeting multiple deadlines for pricing and contracting Within the Accounting Group: Managed monthly commission database for Channel Partners Loading, and managing each customer’s financial transaction into the accounting database to maintain an accurate ledger for accounting Responsible for distributing matrix pricing to brokers for the following state markets CT,IL,MA,MD,NJ,NY,PA,TX. As well as execution on contractual agreements.
Pluspuntenfree lunches
Minpuntenextreme timelines
Chief Revenue Officer | Newcastle, WA | 3 okt. 2018
North Tyneside council.
If you would like no idea of the job role you’re going Into, along with terrible training then this is probably the job for you. Management have no consideration for any members of the team, all feedback from training was negative and you were never given any positive feedback even if you were doing well. There was nothing in my contract about a 6 week probation period where I will sit an exam at the end of it which will determine whether I will be kept on or not. Each week you’re reminded that you’re not safe in the job you’re in, which consisted of sarcastic and nasty remarks from management. I left here on my own accord as it isn’t the job described to me, I was expecting something way more customer service based but it is repetitive boring admin work which will bore you to death and I left my perfectly okay job for this thinking it was a nice and secure position,which is a massive regret as I had the worst experience ever within this company and done nothing but cry every week with the stress and pressure they put onto you. Oh not to mention they mark you incorrectly for not following working practices when they don’t actually have any.
PluspuntenGood hours and pay
MinpuntenManagement, training and the job itself
Marketing Executive | Houston, TX | 29 aug. 2017
Enjoyed the variety of job duties and people to work with.
I began as Exec. Secretary to the Sr. VP of Finance, transferred to the Business Development group and after completing the Art Institute of Houston's 1 year Diploma Graphic Design course was promoted to the position of Marketing Coordinator. The company did many in-house computer training courses as the computer software programs were introduced. I began with the Wang, transferring data to the Mac to convert it into PC mode. (Wang documents could not be read on the PC, hence the conversion process.) As part of compiling PowerPoint presentations, I learned Graphics software to produce line drawings from the Engineers as part of their presentations for new Power Plant Construction projects. After completing the Graphics Design course I then generated print-ready materials to go straight to print without incurring additional costs for layout or color corrections.
PluspuntenTraining and improving skill sets were encouraged at every level.
Quality Assurance Manager | Chase City, VA | 7 jun. 2021
Productive place to work - not a lot of socialization.
It is expected that you arrive on time each day. The first meeting of the day is immediately thereafter everyone's arrival. Since many of the managers are working remotely, most every meeting is done electronically.. There is not much room to get to know who you are dealing with, or much socialization to start with, but it becomes obvious that these meeting can work out to the company benefit eventually, I held three different jobs on the site, but with the help from the onsite team, i was very successful with all three positions. The roles included interim Site Manager, Quality Control Manager and I also handled VDEQ's SWPPP (Environmental Management).
PluspuntenBeing in tight with the entire site crew helped production and i was able to keep my sanity.
MinpuntenLong hours each day and few breaks, Upper management worked remotely for much of the project until their help became necessary.
Site Administrator | Kansas | 11 nov. 2020
Never been apart of a company like this. Expectations I had proved to be the complete opposite in reality.
Total lack of organized training program for new employees. Once onboard you are left to figure things out on your own as there is also a total lack of processes and procedures for most areas of corporate. If I didn't seek information out would have never been provided guidance. Overall feeling of everyone is overwhelmed in their workload and is working in survival mode. Too much focus being put on being #1 in growing their renewables business unit at a fast rate of speed to be a powerhouse in renewable energy instead of putting the focus on doing it well and right. Slow down, build a good/solid business model for the projects you currently have then focus on growth.
PluspuntenPeople were nice even though most seemed overwhelmed.
MinpuntenCorporate lacks structure, lacked processes/procedures in every department I interacted with.
Data Specialist | Spokane, WA | 12 feb. 2021
Craphole withbuseless management and insane work expectarions
I have worked here for going on 2 years. The management staff is next to useless, the work expectation is completely arbitrary and training is next to non existent. They expect you to not only do your job, but the job of everyone else around you (while getting paid less than them) while simultaneously trying to come up with way to improve work prosecesses because no one in management knows how to actually perform your work. The pay is close to minimum wage and they pretend to care about the environmental impact of the companies they have as clients and virtue signal about human rights while simultaneously treating you as terribly as they legally can and wasting as much energy as they can get away with. This company is actually a human rights violation.
PluspuntenYou cam work from home
MinpuntenYou have to work here
Team Leader | Spokane, WA | 26 mrt. 2022
All the right ideas with zero follow through.
I started at ENGIE 3.5 years ago with the promise of promotion opportunities because I was told I was, “way over qualified for the position I was being offered.” But if I “paid my dues” opportunities for promotion open frequently. Opportunities did not open frequently. Furthermore, the Sr Management and above proved over the 3.5 years I was there to be toxic and incompetent as was evident by them being shuffled around year after year while their subordinates were fired or quit after 1 to 2 years. Accountability only applied to those under the Sr Management level. Furthermore I heard the term, “coach them out the door” more often than I care to admit when describing employees who were struggling to adapt.
PluspuntenGreat purpose; awesome benefits; good entry-level experience
MinpuntenPoor planning; managers not leaders; big talk w/o delivery; under paid
Electrical Project Manager | Washington, DC | 5 jun. 2015
GDF Suez
A typical day at work consists of organizing our technicians and assigning tasks. I learned how to motivate staff and sharpen my communication skills. My manager is an off site regional manager who trusts my judgment and provides valuable direction when needed. The people I work with are a team that selected and trained; I am proud our this team very much and I am always dedicated to their professional development. The hardest part of my job is also my favorite part of the job. That part is operating contingency plans. These plans are necessary to implement because we have a goal of zero downtime. When equipment fails, in spite of our meticulous preventative maintenance, we must keep the operation running. This is both difficult and very exciting.
Pluspuntenfreedom to develop a team of professionals
Minpuntenthis is a interim maintenance contract